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Earning profits from Social Advertising - Not With It

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Earning profits from Social Advertising - Not With It

One thing you may be sure of : regardless of how good a social media platform is now, it'll change many times over the next couple of years. You just have to glance at the statistics given by Nielsen Online to find out how significantly and unpredictably web users have become reliant on social media recently. It began about seven years earlier ; built slowly ... then took off in Feb 2009 at a never-before-seen rate.

Maybe it is just coincidence, this growth started as the economy was plunging ; maybe not. No matter what the reason, ads are now becoming more and more user-driven.

Twitter has not yet got a advertising programme together - but the Huffington Post is offering tweets to paying advertisers. So it's feasible for businesses to earn income from social media advertising - not by advertising themselves. Hey, you can not have the status and authority of the Huffington post yet, but if you have a good site, and pick highly related ( though not competing ) adverts - particularly if they are from partners better placed and more well known than you - it'd basically give your business a boost.

The Death of Advertising?

One thing plenty of folks do not get : Advertising as a business is breaking down ; just as architectural drafting did, in the early 90's. Seasoned manual draftsmen all of a sudden found themselves out of work after many years of paying their dues and working their way up the ranks, as college kids and housewives with PCs and AutoCAD took over. Companies no longer invested in permanent drafting staff, but instead hired people freelance - and fired them the instant the job was done. ( Most draftsmen predating AutoCAD who could not evolve are now performing roles like being a greeter at Walmart... While their grandkids multitask on MySpace, text on their mobiles, all while listening to their iPods, watching TV and doing a whack of homework. )

If you find yourself resisting change, one of those people almost proud of saying : "You will never catch me on Facebook", you might like to rethink that, before not technology, but society, sweeps by you in a windstorm of change. Your biggest warning lies in Google ultimately being eclipsed by Facebook and other social media, as folks search by :

- What their friends endorse
- What their friends talk about
- Online social media drama

The latter includes heated and differing views, scandals about a product or business and complaint, loudly voiced. Complaints, naturally, are your entrance to "filling the gap" ; which reminds us that social media is like having the collective consciousness humming around in our head, until a few of the most powerful complaints appear.

It pays off to take a tough, long look at social media advertising for your business, and learn how to go with the flow... But do not wait too long to do it : Social media advertising and operation will often change again, while you do.

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