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Advertising on Social Media to Reach Women

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Advertising on Social Media to Reach Women

You are one of the net entrepreneurs whose niche members are generally women in the 17-34 age range. There are several other highly unique factors about this group, but even though everybody will tell you it is too broad and common a metric to matter, gender is a crucial piece of your marketing puzzle - particularly when it comes down to psychometrics ( measuring how folks think and understand ).

You have heard, here and there, that one has to copywrite differently to reach women. Well, the same applies with advertising. That is the reason why social media should be one of the first venues you concentrate on, if the female gender makes up the bulk of your customers or target audience.

Social media is the perfect medium for communicating with this demographic. Women are the biggest demographic on social media generally - particularly on Facebook. To a major percentage of women, even business communication is relationship-driven at the core. If a female customer or viewer trusts you, they are likelier to listen - and buy. And a technique to build trust is to work on that private, one to one, real-time connection supplied by social media.

Naturally, the issue is that you can not truly write long letters to every one - there just isn't the time, and you'd finish up working for free! But you can straight away connect on an emotional level by responding to their tweets on Twitter, interacting with them on forums and hanging out with them on social networks. And you do not have to spend hours at it either ( though that's easy enough to do ) Just a little interaction a day... and then, once you've established the link ( or built your smartly optimized Facebook Page ) you can let your social media advertising take over some of that time load.

It's especially necessary to think sympathetically, to engage your female readers with your social network ads. If you can make them identify, feel or laugh... and if you can entertain and amuse them enough to click your ad...you may have, at one time, vaulted past the varieties of slick, high-powered advertisements produced by pros who've forgotten that crucial "relationship and connection " factor.

One tip to help write your social media adverts : Men are likely to be attracted to left-brain "logic" words in relation to stats, measurements and obviously the competitive macho factor. While lots of women are also quite capable of being macho and competitive, results appear to imply that they like more intuitive communication, in words that relate to "feeling". A person is more likely to liven up his ears at : "Does your car impress your friends?" : A lady is more likely to reply on an empathetic level to : "are you feeling tired? "

Connect strongly enough, and if you are also expecting to brand yourself, your event or your business, you'll easily succeed. ( An example : Canada's Lilith Fair, started by musician Sarah McLachlan and friends, and once considered to be a quirky chick thing. It's now recognized as a major cultural yearly event, and most ladies on Canadian Facebook who see Lilith Fair's plain ad know right away what it's about, just from the word "Lilith " alone. )

Naturally, everyone is unique - but statistical data do appear to side with the "relationship / intuitive / feeling " approach, when referring to women. The genuine moral is : Be receptive to your readers' preferred communication styles and your social media advertisements will help your business grow far more quickly.

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