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Marketer-Friendly Social Network Digg Now has Ads

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Marketer-Friendly Social Network Digg Now has Ads

If you have never used Digg, you may want to take another look at it : not only is it marketer friendly, it now lets you brazenly plug your own advertising content on its default page.

If you have not yet checked it out, relax : There are way more marketers hiding this type of guilty secret than they care to confess. ( It's called "overwhelm" ). So first let's take a quick look at precisely what Digg offers...

Think about finding a patch of truly lovely flowers, digging it up and transporting it to a communal garden or park, for everybody to enjoy. That is fundamentally Digg's mandate with online content.

Then Digg users vote on it. If it gets enough vote, it's transplanted to the front page.

Simple, eh?

This user-driven platform means even less reliance on keywords than formerly. The sole "search algorithm " doesn't even rely on a search : It is based strictly on reader votes. True social sharing at its most democratic.

Digg helps the process along by providing tools to make sharing and discourse simple. These tools include iPhone apps, Digg buttons and widget generators, as well as platforms like Digg TV . It also provides page headers, designs, scripts, brand buttons and graphics. ( The catch is, after you place your content on Digg's pages, under the terms of use, you are putting it into the public domain. )

Digg offers a bunch of options for marketers wanting to publicize. You can select :

- A sponsored news article placed inline with organic content
- The Digg Dialogg Package, a sponsorship package "where leaders and luminaries " ( from Al Gore to Trent Reznor ) answer top questions from the Digg community
- Standard and rich media IAB roadblocks and placements on index page and articles
- The Super L Package, a "notable road block experience " incorporating both your message and your brand on a header leaderboard and right rail. Includes rich media options
- The Slider Package, strictly rich media "kindly engaging the Digg community " thru an expanding teaser ad
- Digg Content advertisements, which are designed to leverage favored, current content the community is engaged with

Digg's use took a steep rise from 10.9 million to virtually 24 million between December 2009 until today's time of writing, March 2010.  That's over double its population in a quarter - could the adverts have something to do with it?

Quantcast.com shows its demographic as biased towards males ( 57% ), in the 18-34 age range with a higher than average group reporting revenue over $100k per annum. Apparently there's also a higher than average percentile of African-American, Asian and Hispanic users represented, although the demographic itself is 73% Caucasian.

( Quantcast is a place you should generally check, before deciding if a social network is aligned with your own target niche. It can tell you at a peek if it merits more scrutiny ).

Regardless of whether it is appears to be the ideal platform for your niche... As usual, for the best results, ensure you actually have a presence on this social media platform, before trying to advertise!

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